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This product is widely used for FTTH network, CATV network, Data communications network and local area network etc, mainly enter optic fiber distribution in area or building, with a fixed optical fiber stripping, welding, jumpers and other functions. In the form of covered wire cable into the end-user, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. 
二.Product Characteristics
1.Box material made of SMC material, the cabinet fully enclosed structure, beautiful appearance, with anti-UV, moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance, aging, superior performance, protection class reach IP55 function. Life of up to 20 years, with a standard user interface. 
2.Box has two cabe input and two cable output, both input and output are with waterproof connector design.
3.Product lightweight, easy to open, internal welding, wiring layer 2 points up and down, flip structure, the inlet and outlet of cable, pigtails, jumpers is independently of each other. 
4.With cable / covered wire cable fixing, welding, inventory, wiring and other functions. Splitters adopt flange design, installation SC adapter card, has a strong interchangeability and versatility.
5.The cabinet installation can be wall mounting and pole mounting.
三.Main technical parameters (meet YD / T988-2007 communications cable junction box requirements)
1.Environmental Requirements
Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Humidity: ≤90% (+ 40 ℃)
Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa ~ 106 Kpa
2. Main Specifications
Insertion loss: ≤0.2dB
UPC return loss: ≥50dB
APC return loss: ≥60dB
Plug durability life:> 1000
Door opening angle: ≥180 °
3. The lightning protection Technical Specifications
Cabinet and cabinet grounding device is insulated, insulation resistance is no less than 1000MΩ / 500V (DC). IR≥1000MΩ / 500V
Withstand voltage between the cabinet and the cabinet grounding device is no less than 3000V (DC) / min without breakdown, no arc: U≥3000V
四.The overall layout and model and configuration table (below )
                             model and configuration table
五.User manual
1.Inserting the cable through the "waterproof connector" into the cabinets and strip the cable, stripping length is about 1.5 meters, and fix the cable to the "cable metal mounting plate ," the cable core strengthening reserved 100mm, fixed at "cable strengthening core fixed hexagonal stud ", as shown in II. 
2.Make the stripped cable through the inner protective sleeve into the "Splice Tray" the extra cabIe can be twined inside distribution box, and fixed with bundle.
3.Welding the optic fiber with single head pigtail cable, which in splice trays. 
4.Make the single head pigtail cable through flap board, and connect with adapters, redundant length coiled on the bottom surface of the box, and fixed with bundle. 
5.Put the end of FTTH drop cable through “cable fixed device” and be installed with connectors, then connect them with adapters on flap board. Make a record on the mark paper.
6.Make all kinds of cable inside “cable management ring” and looks good.
六.Installation and use items
1.Wall-mounted type installation
Installation steps: on the wall of installation , Mark the location of three plastic expansion screws, according to the size of physical distribution box. Embedded M5 plastic expansion screw base , and fix the box on the wall with M5 * 40mm self-tapping screws .
2. Hoop type installation
Installation steps: shown in Figure 5, firstly, fix the “fixing plate ”on distribution box with M6 * 16 Phillips truss head gasket screws. Secondly fix the “fixing plate pad ” and “fixing plate ” together with Phillips truss head screws M5 * 8, and then make the hoop through “fixing plate ”and fix the distribution box at the poles.
2.Opening of distribution box
Insert the key in the keyhole on the right side (notch upwards) clockwise rotated 90, about to open.
3.Close the distribution box 
After closing the box, Insert the key in the keyhole on the right side anticlockwise rotated 90, about to close.
七.Packing list
1.Instrution spec *1
2.Key * 1
3.M5 plastic expansion screw base * 3 
  M5 * 40mm self-tapping screw *3 
4. Accessory Kit * 1
5. Product inspection certificate
6. Fibre record table * 1
8. Warranty
Warranty: 24 months
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